Wednesday, July 7, 2010


<a href="">He Needs Me (Tecla) by Jade<3</a>

1.He Needs Me (Tecla) 03:52
2.Set Back (Chuck Inglish) 02:26
3.Wolf (Tom Cruz) 04:44
4.Up and Out (Fonda feat. Tigga Calore & Alfred Jenkins) 05:12
5.Platonica (Chuck Inglish feat. Tennille & S.O.T.R.) 03:17
6.Beautiful Problems (Carmelli feat. Fat Tony & Tecla) 03:26
7.Beautiful Problems (Benamin feat. Cody B. Ware) 03:58
8.Beautiful Problems (Anton Glamb) 03:54
9.Any Minute Now (Precize) 02:26
10.Drown Me Out (NiRE feat. Jasmine Solano) 04:03
11.Drown Me Out (Melo-X) 04:36
12.Take the Hit (Alfred Jenkins) 03:25
13.Take the Hit (Wreck Tech / Knifeshow) 05:40
14.Take the Hit (Rocky Business) 03:35
15.Don't Call Me Sugar (Wreck Tech / Knifeshow) 05:33
16.Blessed Memory (Ibe) 05:07
17.Sometimes You Can't Say It Enough (Hasan Insane) 04:44

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